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Kidprenuer Kit

Kidprenuer Kit


This Kidpreneur Kit is a fun & and engaging financial literacy pack with books for kids ages 8 - 12!

The Kidpreneur Kit includes the following contents:

The Little Books Of Big Business series books:

Book #1 "Cat Casey Turns Brownies Into A Business"
Book #2 "Emma Mason Turns Paperwork Into A Profit"
Book #3 "Max England Turns A Pet Project Into Pay"
Book #4 "Nick Frank Turns Carpentry Into Cash"

5 Bright Color Money Envelopes -kids learn basic budgeting!
4 Blank Business Cards - kids can make their own business cards!
9 Fun Activity Sheets - financial literacy-inspired puzzles, games & and more
4 Stickers (1 animal from each book - 2 cats, 2 dogs)
1 Mechanical Pencil

All items come in a fun "briefcase" that zips to keep the books and contents secure and portable. The front of the case has pockets that hold the business cards and the stickers. The case is transparent plastic with black or red piping and a zipper across the top. Overall size is approximately 8.25" x 5.50".

For kids 6 and up.

The kit creates an engaging way for kids to be introduced to and learn about business & and money topics.

The Little Books of Big Business stories break down complex concepts and make them simple to understand.

This Is a great tool for parents, grandparents & and teachers to use to start financial conversations with kids.

Middle-Grade Reading Level, chapter books with 7 chapters each


Our Mission: To empower kids & families to learn about financial literacy through entrepreneurial stories, engaging activities and practical applications.

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