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Author & Coach
Mara Williams


Mara Williams is a Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ (CFEI®) & Professionally Certified Coach (ACC). She is passionate about teaching adults and kids about money and business principles through stories and fun activities.


As an author, Mara is dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship and raising awareness about financial topics to kids in a fun and engaging way.  As the author of The Little Books Of Big Business series, she uniquely combines storytelling with valuable lessons about financial decision-making, spending & saving, career exploration and more.


She aims to bring attention and resources about financial literacy to parents, teachers and organizations. She actively engages with community organizations including the Boys & Girls Club, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and the Snohomish Farmers Market Kids Vendor Day program. 

Passionate about fostering financial wellness, Mara speaks regularly at workshops and community events, imparting valuable insights and empowering kids and adults to navigate entrepreneurship and financial literacy with confidence.

As a Certified Professional Coach (ACC),  Mara coaches entrepreneurs on small business strategy including scaling, pivoting & and overcoming obstacles. You can find Mara's coaching practice info at Success Street Coaching.

Coach Mara is an experienced speaker and is available for press inquiries & group programs including classrooms, local business development programs and associations. Please contact us with inquiries.

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Illustrator &
Young Entrepreneur
Fiona Reed


Fiona Reed started illustrating The Little Books Of Big Business as a 14-year-old artist and graphic designer.  She turned her love of art into income, by using many of the business principles in the books, she so beautifully illustrates.



She has approached each request for artwork like a project manager, providing proposals, creating sample images and meeting publication deadlines. Not only has this work been a fun project for her, but it has built her skills as an entrepreneur and future leader.

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The Little Books of Big Business is a series published by Success Street Coaching. Our mission is to empower kids with financial literacy knowledge through entrepreneurship. We are building a bridge to financial conversations for kids 7 – 13 so they can be financially savvy teens and financially independent young adults.

These books are fun and easy to read and can inspire conversations and teach financial literacy principles.  Our vision is to share the adventures of Cat, Emma, Max & Nick as a way to engage kids and adults to build confidence and capacities with practical money skills and basic business concepts and terminology. 

Do you have a favorite bookstore or library you frequent? Request they order copies of each book:

  • Cat Casey Turns Brownies Into A Business  |  (ISBN 9781735678405)

  • Emma Mason Turns Paperwork Into A Profit  |  (ISBN 9781735678429)

  • Max England Turns A Pet Project Into Pay  |  (ISBN 9781735678443)

  • Nick Frank Turns Carpentry Into Cash  |  (ISBN 9781735678467)

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