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3rd Grade JANUARY Printable Packet

3rd Grade JANUARY Printable Packet


Empower kids in 3rd Grade to learn basic financial terms and skills through the Let's Play Money monthly printable packet.


The printable packets  will be available monthly starting January 2024 and can be purchased individually or as part of a 12 month subscription.


Each month you will receive a downloadable PDF document (approximately 16 pages) with grade-level appropriate games, activities, stories and skill building exercises that kids can complete independently, as an extra-curricular activity with an adult or as a curriculum partner for teachers and homeschoolers. 


Created by Author & Certified Financial Literacy Educator Mara Williams, the Let's Play Money printable packets are based on The Little Books Of Big Business series that follows four friends in Main Town USA on their journey into business. Cat, Emma, Max and Nick each start their own businesses and learn key entrepreneurship and financial literacy principles along the way.


Each grade-level packet is full of fun games and puzzles, interactive activities and skill building based on financial literacy standards set forth by the National Financial Educators Council, the Washington State Financial Literacy Standards and the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.


Learning about money includes increasing literacy (reading literacy is tied directly to financial literacy), numeracy and behavior (habits, planning, strategy, etc). To that end, each packet offers integrated opportunities for increasing reading and math skills as well as fun activities or games that can be played in a controlled setting or practiced with adults in a real-life setting.


The January Let's Play Money printable packet is available for purchase now and will be delivered electronically for you to print. The full year subsciption can be purchased seperately and will be delivered monthly throughout 2024.

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