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4th Grade MARCH "Let's Play Money" Printable Packet

4th Grade MARCH "Let's Play Money" Printable Packet


Empower 4th Grade kids to learn basic financial terms and skills through the Let's Play Money monthly printable packet.


The March packet includes St. Patrick's Day and money-themed activities incorporating the financial literacy standards: Credit, Debt, and Loans (Explain the best way to make purchases based on the situation and the related consequences of those payment decisions. Identify the differences between good debt and bad debt . Describe responsible credit use.)


Table of Contents

1 Welcome Page

2 Table of Contents

3–4 Money News

5 Fun Page

6 Mandala Coloring

7–8 Life Activity

9 Money Math

10 Cash or Credit

11–13 Business Story & Exercises

14 Copy & Draw

15 Instructional Information & Answer Pages


This is a Digital Download and will be available immediately after purchase for you to print.


The grade-level-appropriate games, stories, and exercises are designed to inspire interest in financial topics through play and skill-building activities. 


Created by Author & Certified Financial Literacy Educator Mara Williams, the Let's Play Money printable packets are based on The Little Books Of Big Business series that follows four friends in Main Town USA on their journey into business. Cat, Emma, Max and Nick each start their own businesses and learn key entrepreneurship and financial literacy principles along the way.


Each grade-level packet is designed to incorporate financial literacy standards set forth by the National Financial Educators Council, the Washington State Financial Literacy Standards and the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.


The 4th Grade March Let's Play Money printable packet is available for purchase now and will be delivered electronically for you to print upon purchase.

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